An Accredited K-12 Christian School
801 County Rd HH West  Stevens Point, WI 54481

"I can do all things through Christ who makes me strong."
Philippians 4:13

Learning happens when we believe that we can...

Stevens Point Christian Academy exists to support Christian parents, in training their children in an environment where the Bible is viewed as the foundation for all truth, and basis for life. 

Classes at Stevens Point Christian Academy

Stevens Point Christian Academy strives to meet the needs of each student in an environment where education is based on the foundation of God's word. Class size determines the classroom structure. 

4Kam & 4Kpm - Mrs. Missy Kessel
5K/K-2 Music - Mrs. Tiffany Taylor
1/2 - Mrs. Jessica Tornow    
3/4 -
Mrs. Cassie Messier
5/6 & 3-6 Music - Mr. Ben Kregness  
7/8 - Homeroom, Technical Assistance - Mr. Zach Urich
9-12 Homeroom - Mrs. Emily Caseres
7-12 Math, Science, Special Needs - Mrs. Beth Malik  
7-12 Bible - Mrs. Heidi Uitenbroek
Special Needs Aide - Miss Clea Christiansen 

Grounds and Building - Mr. Tim Kleiner/Mr. Vince Santora/Rev. Joao Silva
Financial Department Contact - Tim Kleiner, Refuge Financial Director
Publications - Refuge Creative/Mrs. Mikayla Schultz

Mrs. Heidi Uitenbroek, Principal/Administrator
Mrs. Ruth Johnson, Administrative Assistant
Mrs. Jennifer Kleiner, Canaland, Preschool and Child Care Early Learning Program Director

Rev. Matthew Mallek, Founder
Email Pastor Matthew Mallek
Email Mrs. Ruth Johnson, Administrative Assistant
Email Mr. Zach Ulrich, 6/7 Homeroom, Tech Sciences
Email Mrs. Missy Kessel, 4K
Email Mrs. Tiffany Taylor, Kindergarten Teacher
Email Mr. Ben Kregness, 5/6 Teacher
We'd be happy to contact you to tell you more about the great opportunities available to you and your family at Stevens Point Christian Academy! 
715.341.0588 or 
715.341-3275 ext. 4
Email Mrs. Heidi Uitenbroek, Principal/Administrator
Email Mrs. Beth Malik, Jr. & Sr. High & Special Needs
Email Mrs. Jessica Tornow, 1/2 Teacher
Email Mrs. Cassie Messier, 3/4 Teacher
Email Mrs. Emily Caseres, 9-12 Homeroom