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Stevens Point Christian Academy exists to support Christian parents, in training their children in an environment where the Bible is viewed as the foundation for all truth, and basis for life. 

Tuition Assistance 

Tuition Assistance is available to all qualifying students enrolled at Stevens Point Christian Academy. The system that SPCA uses is called FACTS. Applications for Tuition Assistance are due by April 1 of the year prior to the academic year. (i.e. 2017/2018 Tuition Assistance requests are due by April 1, 2017). 
Tuition Assistance Process: 
1) Submit an application online
2) FACTS determines your qualifying amount based upon a standardized format that considers many elements of your family financial dynamics. 
3) Tuition Assistance Committee meets to review the FACTS recommendations for tuition allocations. (No matter your family income level, always enroll.  
4) By July 1, Tuition Assistance allocations are made, based upon the FACTS recommendations and committee outcome with funds available. You will receive a letter from the committee of your financial standing with SPCA.

Feel free to ask questions or meet with us if you are confused at any point with the Tuition Assistance process. 715.341.0588. 
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