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Stevens Point Christian Academy exists to support Christian parents, in training their children in an environment where the Bible is viewed as the foundation for all truth, and basis for life. 

Jog-A-Thon 2018 Donation

Click on the Donate button below to donate to your athlete. After you donate, let the participant know that you gave to their account for accounting and verification purposes. Thanks so much! 

Click Here to give to JOG-A-THON 2018

(Giving received and recorded through the Refuge website and the ways to give page.) 
Thank you!

Thank you for making the difference in the lives of children through your Jog-A-Thon donations each year.

If you have missed the Jog-A-Thon fundraiser due date, it's never too late to donate. Thank you for your obedience in giving.
The main fund-raiser that Stevens Point Christian Academy Students, Parents and supporters participate in is the Jog-A-Thon. It's a fun-filled event that also builds community. 
Thank You to All of Our 2018 Jog-A-Thon Sponsors